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I am interested in conflict, antagonism, academic controversy and noisy political debates. Especially when they converge.

That’s why I ended up writing a PhD on the international battle over the Israel-Palestine conflict. My research involved two years of participant observation among lobby groups, politicians, opinion leaders, and activists who aimed to influence the parties and the terms of conflict resolution. Based on this research, I have developed a new theory of political anomie. Bottom line, my research shows that the intractability of the Israel-Palestine conflict is rooted in clashing political norms. The condition of political anomie leads to mutual incomprehension and distrust, and produces a political game about as predictable as Game of Thrones.

Although I know a great deal about the Israel-Palestine conflict at this point, my main research interest is controversy in general. I have written about a number of chaotic discursive struggles, ranging from science wars to political issues such as climate change and the Euro crisis.

The opinions expressed on this website were my views at the time they were written, which does not mean that they still are.

Read more about my PhD research here (English) and here (Norwegian). If you would like to request a copy of my dissertation, you can email me at anjasletteland@gmail.com.

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